Azra Ayverdi Baydar

Azra Ayverdi Baydar

Azra Ayverdi Baydar studied Communication in Paris for 3 years after graduating from Pierre Loti French High School, Istanbul.

Since her mother was a painter and sculptor, she grew up among works and activities related to art.

Azra, who first did lithography studies in the workshop she shared with her mother, also focused on ceramics studies for a period. Now she weaves canvases with ropes.


2012 – Baskı Linol Sergisi, Juno Nişantaşı (Solo Exhibition)

2015 – “İplikhane” Galeri ARTist Çukurcuma, İstanbul (Solo Exhibition)

2015 – Art212, İstanbul (Group Exhibition)

2016 – “İplikhane 2” Nabu Hotel, İstanbul (Solo Exhibition)

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