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Privacy Rules, Site Terms of Use and Communications and Information about Your Personal Data

Dear Site Visitors, Customers, Members,

We would like to inform you about our Privacy Rules, Communications, Site Terms of Use and Practices related to the Processing of Your Personal Data and your rights under the Personal Data Protection Act.

www.poscop.co The Privacy Rules-Policy and Application-Terms of Use, which are stated below, apply to the confidentiality of visitor-member-customer (hereafter referred to as Visitor(s) information, protection, storage, processing-use-destruction of personal data (information), commercial electronic communications and other matters.

Protection of Information

On this site, the necessary measures for the security of the information and transactions provided by the visitors and obtained from the parties were taken by our Company or the relevant organization in systems and internet infrastructure, within the scope of technological facilities and cost elements, with appropriate technical and administrative methods.

The information you enter on our site for the purpose of submitting membership, submitting your requests and complaints or updating information cannot be viewed by other internet users.

Methods of Collection of Information, Processing-Transfer Purpose and Personal Data Transactions

To take the necessary measures to protect their privacy and to comply with all legal principles regarding the processing of personal data and personal data retention and destruction policies; if it is required by law or for some non-mandatory applications, you can also request permission; Visitors’ physical and virtual businesses visit, shop and contact information and other personal information detailed below,

Data Controller By our Company and the partners-partners of the named persons/organizations (data controllers, processors and/or buyer groups) required by its partners, successors, service providers-suppliers and other processing purposes to be determined (including social media-online advertising operators), and between them, customer experiences related to the products and services they purchase or are interested in from our group companies, consumer rights, customer/member services and their related for legal reasons related to the realization of kin commercial-financial and legal liability-obligations, both for the purpose of benefiting from general and personalized product-services and facilities, and for the purpose of promoting, advertising, communication, promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card and user/membership/customer information, transactions and applications,

Where it is clearly stipulated that personal data may be processed and transferred in the law, where it is necessary to process the personal data of the contracting parties directly related to the establishment or performance of all kinds of consumers, memberships and other contracts, where it is necessary to fulfill all legal obligations as data controller/processor, as well as the establishment of rights, where data processing and transfer is mandatory for use or protection, and where data processing and transfer is mandatory/necessary for legitimate interests stipulated herein and in law, provided that it does not harm their fundamental rights and freedoms,

by means of partially or completely automated/non-automated collection methods (from the information that visitors give to our Company and the above-mentioned organizations in oral/written form, from visits to stores and/or websites including physical-virtual environments, mobile applications, from content reviews, membership and transaction information on sites belonging to social media and advertising network operators, to member/user information in the presence of our Company and the above-mentioned organizations (physical and virtual/digital) and payment-collection-delivery-complaint-campaign-survey procedures related to call center transactions and customer satisfaction, as well as from their legal financial documents and other documents-records, as well as from written, oral, visual and technical data obtained/obtained from the use of fixed-mobile qualified internet and communication devices and/or mobile applications in various environments and on the ground) in accordance with the purpose of obtaining, inheriting, processing according to the nature of the information and in accordance with the nature of the information. recording, storing, storing, preserving, obtainable, using, updating, modifying, merging, rearranging, classification, disclosure, sharing, transfer, transfer, transfer (destruction, deletion or anonymization) in accordance with the law and other methods in accordance with the law.

processable and transferable (hereafter referred to as “processing” or “processing(e)” to express them all together).

If the relevant functions are on on the devices of the visitors’ physical and e-commerce stores-aisles belonging to our Company and all kinds of contracted organizations and all kinds of non-personal information about their visits to and purchases from the sites (including location data, products examined and product-amount information), they can be obtained from bluetooth, beacon and general-private wireless network connections with appropriate technical methods, as stated in the paragraph above. n can be processed and transferred at home and abroad by the organizations mentioned in the framework

Cookie on our site (Cookies, etc.) Application

Various types of cookies are used on our www.poscop.co site (all digital platforms, including mobile applications). These are cookies such as session cookies, persistent cookies, mandatory cookies, functionality cookies, analysis cookies, commercial cookies and third party cookies.

Cookies enable the proper operation and development of the visited website, personalization and improvement of the user experience, the ability to visit sites without logging in, and/or the sending of commercial-social notifications to the party (where the internet browser and/or related mobile application may be seen even if the relevant mobile application is closed) and in general, site users-visitors, whether on the relevant site or on other sites (social media-networks and online reclaims) m networks) are small snippets of data placed on computers and mobile devices to ensure that general or customized information, advertisements and promotions are presented and transmitted.

Cookies are kept on computer-devices for a purposeful period, provided that the legal maximum period, if any, is not exceeded.

Visitors who use our Site (including mobile versions) agree to the processing of the above-mentioned application for the purposes and scope-conditions stipulated for your various information herein, in the personal data legislation and other parts of this information text (including transfer-sharing and use to third parties within this framework).

Visitors can edit and remove cookies from the settings of the program and/or operating system and/or internet browser on their devices at any time and/or stop the mentioned notifications (it should be known that our Site/related device/program may not function as desired and/or the contents of the notifications may not be made aware).


With our visitors, again in accordance with the law, for promotion, advertising, communication, promotion, sales and marketing purposes related to all kinds of products and services, store card, credit card and membership/customer information, processing, applications, sms/text message, push notification, automatic call, computer, phone, e-mail/mail, fax, all kinds of notifications (if on your device), bluetooth, beacon-all kinds of general-private wireless networks and other electronic communication tools, social, commercial and other electronic communications can be made, commercial electronic messages may be sent to visitors.

Processed – Your Legal Rights regarding Your Personal Data and Personal Data Transferred

Dear Visitor, name, surname, nickname, age/date of birth, gender, marital status, marriage date, child status, means of transportation, area of life, information about our shopping site/store, shopping details, delivery address, and delivery address, education level, occupation/work, cultural, artistic, sporty, holiday etc. interests-hobbies and shopping habits such as demographic member/user/customer information, special-official identity, id no. and card and account information, except for confidential information such as tax information, photos, (security purposes) requests, written, visual recordings of your complaints, audio recordings of our call center calls, shopping habits and preferences for all kinds of products and services including clothing, likes and related comments, used/participate campaign, competition, survey etc., and contents, invoice contents, payment methods, complaint – return and similar reasons, old and new mobile/home/business phone/fax numbers, e-mail addresses, approach to electrical commercial and other communications-actions, fixed and mobile device name(s) used for various purposes, type, model and codes, cookies (cookie, web browser marks-information, IP, beacon, wired-wireless network connection information, etc.), advertising handle information, social media profile and account information-transactions and the method of collecting your personal data, which consists of personal data in addition to informing you about the purposes for which it can be processed and to whom it can be transferred;

to request that your personal information is processed, if it has been processed, whether it is used in accordance with its purpose, that it is used in accordance with its purpose, that it is used in accordance with its purpose, that it is corrected in case of incomplete or inaccurate processing of the rights to know and request information about the third parties to which it is transferred at home and abroad, as well as to correct it in accordance with its legal requirements and method, and to notify the third parties to whom the data is transferred, in addition, you have the right to object to the occurrion of a result against you by analyzing your information with automated systems and to request that it be rectified if you suffer damages due to unlawful processing, we provide you with your information that you can contact our Data Controller Company in all these matters.

Although the above considerations are presented to your information in accordance with our disclosure obligation regarding personal data, we ask that you know that permission has been obtained and no unauthorized processing has been made for any personal data transactions except where the legislation allows the processing (including transfers) without the express consent of the person concerned.

In this context, if you are asked for your permission, you can give such permission to the Poscop office in writing and signed, or if it has an application on our website and again if it has an application (with the same legal qualification-value as written-signed permission) you can also give it digitally. It’s like, “Oh, my God. after reviewing the consent text provided to your information in the printed environment or on terminal/checkout screens or on the tablet, mobile phone screens or link sent by text message to your mobile phone, if you have deemed appropriate, after confirming the accuracy of your information verbally or on the screen or digitally, our store clerk your consent process will be completed when you perform the procedures (from the screen and/or mobile phone according to your procedure and preference). In addition, you can make permission-approval transactions at any time by contacting the relevant Poscop’s website, valid for those who have such an application.

In accordance with the relevant legislation and in the periods stipulated in the personal data retention-destruction policies, our Company may perform partial/complete destruction (deletion, destruction or anonymization) of personal information, and visitors may stop the processing of personal data and/or commercial electronic communications to their parties by contacting our Company at any time and without any justification and by following the necessary legal-technical procedures. According to the explicit notification-requests in this regard, the communication to the party for the personal data transactions and/or the channels specified is stopped within the legal maximum period (personal data processing and communication, which is possible or obliged according to the law, continues). If the visitor wishes, his information, except for those legally required and/or possible, will be deleted or destroyed from the data recording system or anonymized in a way that is not identified for the same purpose. Applications and requests in these matters will be fulfilled within the legal maximum periods or may not be accepted by explaining them to the legal justification (relevant legal rights reserved).

(Information about cookies and notifications on your computer and other devices, and actions you can take to edit them are mentioned above).

Third Party Sites-Digital Platforms and Applications

Their privacy-security policies, usage, communication and personal data processing conditions apply to other sites accessed from our site (including mobile versions); Our Company is not responsible for any conflicts, material-moral damages and losses that may arise due to the use of information from websites accessed for advertising, banner, content or any other purpose, as well as the ethical principles of the sites (and other digital platforms), privacy-security principles, personal data retention and destruction policies, service quality, terms of use, cookies-web beacons and so on, notifications-suggestions and other applications.


Visitors are responsible for the information obtained from our Site or other sites / mobile applications / all kinds of notifications and other unit-media belonging to our Company, information, promotions and advertisements made to the parties, as well as the decisions they make within the framework of all kinds of suggestions, all kinds of transactions and applications and results accordingly.

Since we will not know the legal/actual driver’s license status of any Visitor to our Site, the responsibility for the use, information and processing of children and other minors belongs to their legal representatives and they may exercise their rights regarding their personal data (and communications according to the situation) through their legal representatives.

Purchases and Other Consumer Transactions

If visitors are informed by the aforementioned surrogates and/or purchase a product/service as a result of communications, information, notifications, promotions and advertisements made to their parties, the aforementioned transaction is also subject to the consumer agreement they will make with the relevant seller/provider in accordance with the law. The consumer agreement applies on its terms and between its parties.

(If any) For your purchases from our site, the order pre-information form-distance sales contract terms that you will see during each transaction will apply.

Rights on Site Content

All kinds of information and content on our site and their arrangement, revision and partial/complete use; Except those owned by other third parties according to the agreement of our company; all intellectual-industrial rights and proprietary rights belong to our Company.


Our Company reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary in matters such as privacy, personal data retention-use and destruction policy and Site terms of use, as well as the products, services and opportunities it will offer, campaigns, etc.; these changes will take effect from the moment announced by our Company from the Site or other appropriate methods.

You can inform our Company by contacting us through the following communication channels any requests and complaints for additional information on all these issues. In cases where the relevant request must be made in a certain procedure (procedural-time-manner) as required by law, such procedure must be followed.

Address: Cihannma Mah. Eski Yıldız Cad. No:30-5 Besiktas, Istanbul Phone: 0212 260 00 04, Internet Address: www.poscop.co

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