Saliha Beyza Umurca

  • Title: The Stories We Tell No.1, 2021
  • Paper carving art
  • Paper, pan watercolor and acrylic on paper
  • Framed: 27.5 × 22.5 cm / Without frame: 17 × 12 cm
  • The artwork will be sent framed.

About work:

As humanity, there are always stories we tell and tell. In this series, I wanted to show it by combining mythological narrative with the corona virus, which is our reality now and will continue to be told in the future.

The trees I used in the Stories We Told No.1, No.2 and No.3, which gave supernatural creatures and sacred elements and organs and corona elements instead of fruit, were inspired by the VakVak Tree in mythology.

In the work titled Stories We Tell No.1; the stories told since creation, which contain supernatural and sacred elements, in The Stories We Tell No.2; only the stories told about man, about man’s own existence, in the work called Stories We Tell No.3; I processed the vakvak trees using the elements of corona. The fact that this last tree was in sketch form, that it was not completed; this shows that the story told is not yet finished. Now, as part of this process, we are witnessing the progress of the story. And the tree continues to build itself.

8.000  (KDV excluded)

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