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Data Collected During Your Interaction With Us

Various technologies can be used to improve our website and make it useful, effective and secure. These technologies may be tools to obtain various data that automatically collect information indicating your access and use of our website every time you visit our website, as well as related technologies may be used when collecting data by third parties operating on our driving side and account. Examples of these technologies; cookies, flash cookies and web analytics can be shown.


Today, almost every website uses cookies. Like most websites, we use cookies to give you a better, faster and safer experience. Cookies are small text files created by the websites you visit that store browsing information, such as your website preferences or profile information, and placed on your device. Cookies may be stored on your device through your browser during your first visit to a website. When you visit the same site again with the same device, your browser checks your device for a cookie registered in the site name. If the record exists, it transmits the data in the record to the website you are visiting. In this way, the website understands that you have visited the site before and determines the content to be transmitted to you accordingly.

Web traffic is analyzed through cookies and your web applications can be personalized according to your preferences. Some cookies may contain personal data (e.g. registering the username by the cookie when clicking “remember me” when logging in). These cookies are saved only if your consent is found.

Cookies used by the Poscop site do not harm your computer and do not contain viruses.

The means of obtaining relevant data are generally used for the following purposes:

To improve the performance of the website and to make it easier and/or faster to use the sites;

Introduce new features through websites;

Store information about you (on your device or browser cache) and the use of websites;

To monitor and understand the use of products and services;

To improve and personalize your experience as a user of the website;

Run ads, understand and improve ads;

To ensure the security of the websites, you and Poscop.

Types of Cookies We Use on Our Website

Required Cookies

The most important cookies are the necessary cookies. They help you navigate our website, create a usage account, and log in.

Analytical Cookies

We use cookies to determine the number of visitors to our website. Analytical cookies are used to see how you use our website and what works and what does not work on our site, to optimize and improve our site, and to ensure that it remains interesting and fit for purpose for you. The data obtained includes details such as the pages you view, the orientation/output pages, the platform type you use, the date/time stamp information and the number of clicks you make (mouse) on the given page, your mouse movements, your image scrolling activity, the search terms you use, and the text you enter when using our site.

Can cookies be blocked?

Simply change your browser’s settings to change your preferences for the use of cookies or to block or delete cookies. Many browsers give you the option to accept or reject cookies, accept only certain types of cookies, or be alerted by the browser when it requests to store cookies on a website or device. It is also possible to delete cookies previously saved in your browser. However, we would like to remind you that if you delete cookies and prevent future cookies from being downloaded to your computer, you will not be able to access some of our features.

If you disable or reject cookies, we would like to point out that some features and services on our websites will not function properly as we will not be able to recognize or associate your account/accounts.

To turn off cookies;

In Chrome, you can use the “Settings/Privacy/Content Settings/Turn off cookie usage” option in your browser settings.

You can use the “Options/Internet Settings/Privacy/Settings” options for Internet Explorer users.

You can use the “Tools/ Options’ / Privacy/ Cookie acceptance method/Firefox until Firefox is closed” options for Firefox users.

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